Visiting With Kids

Strathpine Centre prides itself on its convenience and family friendly environment. We want to make it easy for you when shopping with your little ones. We’ve made it easy for you and provided all our child friendly services below:


Parents Parking: Strathpine Centre has 30 parents with prams spots conveniently located near all entrances to the centre.

Parents Room: Our Parents Rooms cater to parents with children of all ages, offering access to private feeding areas, amenities and baby change areas within a comfortable, clean environment. Parents Rooms are located in the food court amenities and in the amenities in between Australia Post.

Children's Play World: Strathpine Centre offers two children’s play areas which are available free of charge during centre trading hours. Children must be supervised at all times. Both play areas have the opportunity for kids to combine physical activity and imaginative play. One playground is located opposite Target and the other is located directly behind Donut King underneath the Big W ramp. 

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