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An Easter craft staple - Easter eggs are super simple to create and an easy way to let your creativity shine. 

There are many options to choose from when decorating your eggs.

You can use coloured pencils and pens, elastics, ribbons, water colours or food colouring as dye!  Patterns can range from squiggles and lines, to marble, ombre or speckled to make your eggs stand out. This craft is sure to keep you and your family busy for a few hours as you create many unique eggs, compare designs and find a place to display them around the house! Easter eggs are also a great alternative to hiding chocolate eggs if you are looking for an option that a little less sweat!

Tie Dye Eggs

You will need:


1. Poke two holes in your egg. One at the top and one at the bottom.

2. Blow all of the insides out of the egg into a container. Looks like it’s time to make scrambled eggs :)

3. Using as many Sharpies as you want, start color-blocking your egg.

4. Pour nail polish remover into a small container, dip a Q-tip into the container, and dab it onto your egg. Watch the solution drip down the sides and blend the colors.

So easy! All these materials are definitely around your house. Let’s get making!


Potato Stamp Eggs

Got any potatoes going bad? How about you try and make some Easter Egg potato stamps! Use them to make Easter cards or decorations around the house!

You will need a potato, a knife, paint and some paper

1. Cut the potato in half

2. Cut lines (straight, squiggly or wavy) into your potato

3. Dip the potato in the paint or paint the sections different colours with a paint brush

4. Stamp the potato hard against a piece of paper


Make your own Easter Bunny

To make you own Easter Bunny all you need is:


1. Cut out 2 circles (one small for head and one larger for the body)

2. Put some paint on your childs hamd and stamp all over the bunny's body and head

3. Then put some paint on your childs feet and get them to do 2 sets of footprints on another piece of paper 

4. Cut out the footprints once they are dry to make the bunny ears and feet

5. Drawn on the bunny's face with marker

6. Attach the head to the body and then the ears and the feet

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