MAKE A PAPER ROLL PIG (or any animal you choose!)

You will need: 


1. Cut your paper roll in half horizontally so that you have two equal, short cylinders.

2. Paint each paper roll pink on both the outside and inside of the roll (this will make two pigs).  

HINT: You may need to put a couple of layers on them to get your desired colour and coverage.

3. With a hot glue gun, glue your large pink button (pig’s nose) to the centre of the cylinder.

4. Once dry, with a black marker pen draw on some eyes and eyebrows for your pig.

5. Cut a small section of the pink pipe cleaners and fold around as per the image above (top).  Then, fold these over the top of the paper roll so that they rest on it like ears (bottom image).  Secure to the paper roll with the hot glue gun.

6. Grab four sections of pipe cleaner and wind them three times around the width of a pencil.  Leave a longer straight section at the end and cut off.  Make four of these (or 8 if you are doing two pigs) as these will become the hooves.

7. With a hot glue gun, secure the long section of the pipe cleaner to the inside of the base of the toilet roll so that just curled sections remain out of it.  Adjust these slightly once dry so that the little paper roll pigs can stand on their own.

8. Finally, curl another section of pipe cleaner around the pencil, this time leaving a shorter straight length at the end.  Then, at the back of the paper pig roll, pierce a hole with a pen and feed in the curled pig tail pipe cleaner.  Your lovely little paper pig roll is now complete and ready for the kids to play with!

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