Soul Origin

Open today 7:00am to 5:00pm

Expires 31/8/2021

Soul Origin have officially released our annual soup range and this year we are taking it back to the classics! A nostalgic reminder of the cure to all things – be it sickness, sadness, and everything in between. Gone are the over-complex flavor profiles or fad food groups, we have sourced some of the best traditional soup recipes from around the world to bring comfort and inclusion to the communities around our stores. 

Included within the offering this season, you will find many of the classic soups like Pumpkin, Chicken and Corn, Potato and Leek, and Tuscan Veg, alongside a pulled beef and veg, and a spiced lentil Mulligatawny – perfect for a chilly winter’s day!

As a new addition to the offering this season, Soul Origin will also be offering a sipper cup size “Hug in a Cup” with a drinkable lid, perfect as a side to a salad, an afternoon pick-me-up, or for those that need lunch on the run.

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