Summer Bowls and More!

The Coffee Club

Open today 9:00am to 4:00pm

Expired 24/3/2020

Summer Bowls 

  • 1. Dukkah Eggs Brunch Bowl with Bacon
  • 2 . Dukkah Eggs Brunch Bowl with Sweet Potato (vegetarian)
  • 3. Super Kids’ Brekkie Bowl
  • 4. Chicken Parmy Bowl (with Coffee – infused BBQ sauce)
  • 5. Fish Taco Bowl (DIY featuring a new spiced mango chutney)

Promotional Beverages

  •  1. French Vanilla Iced Latte
  • 2. Hazelnut Iced Latte

Petite Raspberry Lamington

We also have a delicious Petite Raspberry Lamington on offer for Valentines day!

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